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Keep on top of industry standards with our annual salary survey.  It's more than just numbers, with advice on team structures, valuations, growth, expansion and benefits.

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 We find the market is leading more towards the candidate, which is forcing salaries up to be one step ahead of the competition. This is either offering someone a new job or their current company pricing them out of the market.

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New marketing and advertising roles

Digital Planning Director-Global Communications Agency-London London, England £65000.00 - £90000.00 per annum + benefits >
Account Manager - Integrated Agency - London City of London, London £27000 - £31000 per annum + Additional benefits >
Regional Creative Director - Marketing Services Group - Africa Nairobi US$162000.00 - US$200000.00 per annum + attractive bonus/benefits package >
Strategy Director (12 month Mat) Contract - B2B Agency London £75000.00 - £80000.00 per annum >
Search Executive - Independent Recruitment Agency - London London £18000.00 - £23000 per annum + benefits >
Senior Planner - CRM/BTL Agency - London London £45000.00 - £65000.00 per annum >
Project Director - Innovation Consultancy - London London £50000.00 - £65000.00 per annum + benefits >
HR Manager - Global Content Agency - London London £40000.00 - £50000.00 per annum + benefits >
Head of Strategy - Innovation & Ideas Agency - Netherlands Netherlands €120000.00 - €140000.00 per annum + benefits and more >
Social Media Strategist - Independent Creative Agency - London City of London, London £55000.00 per annum + benefits >