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Nominated as one of Top Staffing Companies to Work for in 2023, DNA Recruit brings an award-winning approach to recruiting exceptional talent for client services roles. Our tailored process carefully evaluates each candidate's skills and experience to find the ideal fit for your agency’s specific needs.

Looking to add relationship builders, strategic thinkers, or engaging communicators to your client services team? We go beyond just filling roles, taking the time to understand your business objectives and culture. This enables us to identify professionals with the right mix of qualifications and qualities to excel in your unique environment.

If you are a talented professional exploring your next exciting client services opportunity, we will guide you towards roles that match your strengths and aspirations. Our consultative approach which is built on years of experience, focuses on truly understanding who you are, mapping your capabilities to companies where you can make meaningful contributions.

Let our award-winning recruiters, with proven expertise in the client services domain, provide that elite level of personalisation. We find the ideal alignments between professionals and businesses, fostering seamless experiences, lasting partnerships and next-level success.





1. What does client services recruitment involve?

Recruitment in the client services sector refers to the process of identifying, attracting and hiring professionals who excel at managing and nurturing relationships, with a company's clients. 

2. Why is client services recruiting important for businesses?

In the world of business clients serve as lifelines that keep companies afloat. Without them businesses would fade into obscurity. Client services recruitment ensures that businesses have the individuals in place – those who not grasp the company's offerings but also understand the intricate nuances of client relationships. 

3. How is client services recruiting different?

One might question if all forms of recruitment are alike. Well not quite so. While there are principles across all forms of recruitment there is an increased focus on finding candidates with a combination of strong interpersonal skills, problem solving abilities and a deep understanding of client needs. 

4. What qualities should candidates possess?

Ideal candidates for roles generally exhibit communication skills, empathy, a proactive approach and a talent for problem solving. Additionally possessing an, in depth understanding of the company's products or services and being able to anticipate client needs proves to be invaluable.

5. How can businesses make sure they hold onto their employees in client services positions? 

Retaining talent is, like finding a gem in the world of hiring. To keep the employees in client services roles, companies need to create a work environment that's supportive and offer ongoing opportunities for learning and provide pathways for career advancement.

Are you looking to elevate your Client Services team with creative and strategic professionals? Look no further! 

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Looking to hire in this sector?

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Looking for a job in this sector?

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