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Project management is a critical function within any organisation, requiring a unique blend of technical skills, leadership, and strategic thinking. Specialising in this area allows us to provide a focused and expert service, understanding the nuances of what makes a great project manager.

Our dedication to this specialisation is reflected in our successful track record of placing exceptional project management talent across a variety of sectors. This focus ensures we can offer the highest level of expertise and support to both our clients and candidates.

We have numerous success stories of connecting highly skilled project managers with leading organisations in London and across the United Kingdom, facilitating project success and organisational growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes project management recruiting different from other types of recruitment?

Project management recruitment focuses on identifying individuals who not only possess the necessary technical skills but also the leadership and strategic planning abilities essential for successful project delivery. Unlike general recruitment, which may prioritize technical skills alone, project management recruitment emphasizes a balanced blend of soft skills, such as communication and team management, alongside technical expertise.

How does DNA Recruit ensure they find the right match for both clients and candidates?

At DNA Recruit, we adopt a holistic approach to recruitment, considering not just the skills and experience of candidates, but also their cultural fit with a prospective employer. Our comprehensive vetting process includes in-depth interviews, skill assessments, and a detailed understanding of both the client’s and candidate’s needs and expectations, ensuring a mutually beneficial match.

Can you share a success story from your project manager recruitment team?

Yes, this involved placing a project manager with a leading technology firm facing challenges in project delivery. Through our tailored recruitment process, we identified a candidate with a proven track record of turning around troubled projects. The candidate’s integration into the team led to the successful completion of several critical projects, significantly boosting the company’s project delivery capabilities.

What trends are shaping the future of project management?

The increasing importance of digital transformation across industries is significantly influencing recruiting in this field. Candidates with experience in managing digital projects, including implementing new technologies and digital workflows, are in high demand. Additionally, the shift towards remote work is changing the skills and attributes valued in project managers, with a greater emphasis on remote team leadership and digital communication tools.

How important is cultural fit in recruitment for Project Managers?

Project managers often play a central role in team dynamics and organisational culture. A project manager who aligns with the company’s values and work style can enhance team cohesion and drive project success, while a misalignment can lead to challenges in team collaboration and project execution.

What advice would you give to companies looking to improve their recruitment strategy in this area?

Companies looking to enhance their project manager recruiting strategy should focus on defining clear role expectations and required skill sets. It’s also crucial to prioritize soft skills and cultural fit alongside technical abilities. Engaging a specialised recruitment agency like DNA Recruit can provide access to a wider talent pool and expert guidance throughout the recruitment process, ensuring the identification and placement of top project management talent.



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