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Social media has revolutionised the way we connect, communicate, and discover opportunities. It's not just about networking; it's a platform for showcasing talents, understanding company cultures, and making informed career decisions. As a social media and content recruitment agency, we leverage these platforms to unearth hidden gems and match them with their ideal roles.

Our expertise spans various related sectors, including creative & design, digital marketing, and technology, positioning us as a pioneering content and social media recruiter. We thrive on the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age, ensuring our clients and candidates stay ahead of the curve.

DNA recruit’s success is reflected in the positive feedback from our clients and candidates. Their testimonials praise our strategic, human-centric approach and our role in fostering successful partnerships and career opportunities.



Frequently Asked Questions

How does DNA Recruit ensure a match between a candidate's skills and a company's needs?

Our approach combines deep industry insights with a personalised matchmaking process. We meticulously analyse both the candidate's profile and the company's culture and requirements, ensuring a synergistic match that benefits both parties.

Can you share a success story where you placed a crucial role in social media?

One memorable success story involved a candidate we discovered through a social media platform's niche community. By engaging with the community and understanding its dynamics, we were able to introduce the candidate to a company where they flourished, showcasing the power of social media in uncovering hidden talent.

How does DNA Recruit handle diversity and inclusion in its recruitment processes?

We employ D&I strategies that ensure wide visibility among diverse talent pools and actively work to eliminate biases, creating a more equitable and inclusive recruitment landscape.

What advice do you have for companies looking to improve their recruitment strategy?

Embrace the digital transformation. Invest in building a strong employer brand on social media, focus on creating engaging content, and consider the candidate's journey from their perspective. Partnering with a specialised recruitment agency like DNA Recruit can also provide a competitive edge in attracting top talent.

Our services cater to a wide range of hiring needs, from temporary to permanent recruitment to underline our commitment to excellence and adaptability in the fast-paced digital world

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Looking to hire in this sector?

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Looking for a job in this sector?

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