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As a 2023 nominee for Top Staffing Companies to Work for, DNA Recruit brings an award-worthy approach to recruiting phenomenal creative and design talent. Our specialised recruiters have unmatched experience in matching innovative businesses with the creative visionaries and technical experts needed to bring bold ideas to life.

Whether you need graphic designers, art directors, creative directors, digital strategists or UX/UI maestros, we identify professionals with the ideal blend of skills and qualities to elevate your team. We take the time to understand your specific creative needs and objectives. This enables us to pinpoint candidates who will thrive in your unique environment and culture.

For creative professionals, we unlock opportunities aligned with your aspirations. Our network spans rising stars to established veterans across diverse creative fields. We get to know you, then guide you towards roles where you can grow and make an impact.

Ready to ignite creativity and build rewarding partnerships? Connect with our award-nominated recruitment specialists for a customised approach to hiring creative superstars or taking your career to new heights.




1. What exactly is creative recruitment?

Creative recruitment refers to an approach, in finding, attracting and hiring individuals with talents that align with the arts and design industry. This encompasses positions such as designers, copywriters, art directors and multimedia artists. Unlike hiring methods this approach places importance on a candidate’s portfolio originality and ability to think innovatively.

2. Why is this kind of recruitment for businesses?

In today’s market businesses are constantly searching for ways to stand out and leave a lasting impact on their target audience. By bringing in the talent companies can ensure that their branding, advertising efforts and overall messaging resonates deeply with consumers. Creative recruitment guarantees access to individuals who can offer perspectives, innovative ideas and unique solutions.

3. How does the process of hiring creatives differ from methods?

While conventional methods often prioritize qualifications, experience levels and references when hiring employees; recruiting for roles delves deeper into assessing a candidate’s abilities and innovative thinking capabilities. This typically involves reviewing portfolios along, with conducting tests that evaluate problem solving skills. Moreover, when it comes to selecting candidates, in the field, cultural fit and alignment with a company’s vision can play a significant role. 

4. What hiring challenges are commonly faced in Creative?

One of the hurdles is striking the balance between technical proficiency and artistic flair. While a candidate may possess a portfolio, they might lack the skills to work with specific software or tools. On the hand someone who is technically skilled may not bring forth the vision that aligns with what the company seeks. Other challenges include staying up to date with evolving industry trends ensuring diversity in roles and retaining talent in a highly competitive market.

5. How can businesses ensure they attract the best in the creative field?

To appeal to talent companies should create an environment that nurtures innovation provides opportunities for growth and values originality. Offering training sessions, workshops and exposure to cutting edge tools and technologies can be particularly enticing for candidates. Additionally, it is crucial for companies to ensure that their hiring process remains transparent and unbiased while providing feedback throughout. By prioritising these elements businesses can make their hiring experience positive, for all parties involved.



Incredible people are at the heart of every successful business – we are dedicated to helping you identify, attract and secure the talent you need to thrive.

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