Megan Davis
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Megan Davis

Resource Consultant - Creative, Client Services & Project Management

I support Stephanie Crotty with lead generation, administration, and sourcing the best talent across the Creative, Client Services, and Project Management space. 

Prior to joining DNA, I worked in recruitment for over 6 years, gaining valuable insight into challenging industries and an ever-changing economy. I have developed a strong sense of emotional intelligence and empathy as a result of my interactions with both clients and candidates, which allows me to succeed in my field.

I chose to work for DNA because it is more than just a stepping stone in one's career. They provide opportunities for advancement, experience, and collaboration with a supportive and value-added team.

DNA has given me the opportunity to assist clients and candidates in achieving their professional goals. I get a kick out of being a part of someone's journey to a brighter future.

When I'm not working, I'm a foodie! I spend the majority of my "free" time exploring markets. You can always find me at the food stalls, trying new foods. Coming from a small town, I've made quite the "adventure list" for myself and my ever-changing palate.

LIKES - Anything outdoors, DIY projects, and tending to my small backyard garden. I recently tried my hand at baking. This is still a case of like and dislike, or trial and error, if you will.

DISLIKES - Any form of violence or hate speech. I'd be terrible at politics. Creepy crawlers are a more realistic dislike. If I had to confront him, I would flee to the hills.