Dan Prince
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Dan Prince

Managing Director

My core focus here at DNA is all about scaling the company from both a headcount and revenue perspective, alongside running operations, coordinating with partners, and supporting our sales team. I had been working in recruitment for 21 years before joining DNA, with 15 years within senior leadership roles. I quickly bought into the passion and authenticity behind DNA. The autonomy, high levels of collaboration, and the best tools in the industry have really made it a slick and seamless company to work for.

Outside of work you can find me mostly with my wife and children, but also enjoying everything rugby (I'm a Director of a Rugby Club and still playing 1st XV rugby in my 40's), or on the golf course striving to get my handicap into single figures.

Likes: Sport, Food, and UK crime dramas.
Dislikes: Trains (especially the London underground), deceitful and insincere people, and smoking.