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Careers with DNA

Here at DNA, it's not just a job; it's a career. Your career. Your passion, your belief and your ambitions.

The people we meet, the relationships we build, the connections we make and the lives we change, including our own.

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Working Remotely - Together

DNA have adopted a flexible and remote working policy, meaning you can work from home or The Stanley Building in Kings Cross London and also have access to 17 other co-working spaces in London!  

We actively encourage our consultants to make use of their flexible working membership with The Office Group to utilise the different locations when out and about in London, seeing clients and candidates.

You have the freedom and flexibility to work from home 2 - 3 days a week depending on your work schedule. Once a month we have a team get together in London to plan, brain storm and throw ideas around the table. We want our consultants to thrive in and love their job.

​To do this, DNA have a strong supporting back office team covering finance, resourcing, onboarding, marketing, training and tech support.

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Our Values


    We're committed to finding the right people for the right career, but we don't just use our expertise to get you there. Getting to know everyone we work with helps create a fully collaborative partnership that leads to longstanding relationships.


    With years of experience and knowledge behind us, we are able to look to the future and evolve with the ever-changing market we work in. Our network is doing just that when they seek new opportunities, so we use our skills, insight and intuition to make your next step the right one for you. ​


    We are ambitious, hardworking and focused but we stay grounded. We make a great team by sharing opportunities and success. Forever open, honest and transparent - everyone knows where they stand, which really does make us one of a kind in the industry.


    What we do impacts a persons life, whether you're recruiting or searching, or even working here at DNA. We invest in every person we meet; we support your next steps and celebrate your successes. When you are happy professionally, you're happy at home, and thats what makes us happy.

If you are an experienced recruiter and would like to have a chat about the opportunities at DNA, get in touch today.

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Ali Wallace

Founder & Managing Director
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Ali Wallace

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Operations Director
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Dan Prince

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Head of Events & Experiential
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Gemma Knight