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12 years of overachieving brings success for DNA

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12 Years of Overachieving Brings Success for DNA

DNA are celebrating the amazing milestone of reaching 12 years in business on the 17th March – that’s almost double the lifetime expectancy of UK businesses!
Over the next month we will be looking back over the past 12 years and sharing some of our favourite DNA stories from clients and candidates.
But, with so much to celebrate we thought it would be good to start with our MD, Ali Wallace about his DNA story…

Ali Wallace
“Having worked in recruitment for over 18 years – it was always a dream to start my own agency as I wanted to deliver the best to my clients and candidates in a more agile style that adapts to their needs. Over the past 12 years we have remained an agile business, adapting our offering to evolve into the agency we are today. We have witnessed changes in the market, clients grow and expand, candidates succeed and through it all, I am proud to say we have survived - and dare even say thrived over the past 12 years and I couldn’t be prouder of continuing to offer the same excellent service that has given DNA the name it enjoys now in our industry. I think the key to our success has been in going above and beyond for our candidates and clients alike. From continuous search and approach, to dog sitting while candidates get interviewed (great story!) - we always pull out all the stops to get that perfect recruit of our client’s dreams. Looking forward to 2020 and beyond, our plans are ambitious. We are once again remaining agile to the market with DNA joining the Illiad family, opening even more opportunities for our team, clients and candidates – it's exciting times ahead. Here’s to the next 12 years!”

More DNA Stories

Andy de Sallis
"I reached out to DNA nine years ago when I was looking to move on from a marketing role at Virgin Holidays. They called me back with a Sales and Marketing Director opportunity at a commercial cleaning company. I wasn’t initially interested, but they gently persisted and I agreed to meet with the business owners and subsequently got the job. Ali’s advice to me was simple, ‘be honest’, so I told them I knew absolutely nothing about cleaning, but I did know how to build a stand-out brand and deliver an effective digital communications and sales strategy. It turns out that was exactly what they were looking for! Thank you, DNA - you pushed me out of my comfort zone and changed my career and life for the better, long may you continue to do so for others too. Best of luck for the next 12 years and beyond!"

Richard Dutton, Engine 
Over the last 7 years DNA have consistently found me the best candidates bar none. Ali and his team are a pleasure to work with – smart, focussed and always on brief.  Happy Birthday DNA – looking forward to the next 7 years working together.

Jamie Willey, Business Development Director, Tribal Worldwide
DNA is the best recruitment agency I have ever used. Seamless, professional, intelligent and supportive, you don't just feel like another candidate, you really feel that they're there every step of the journey. DNA secured me my dream job at one of the most successful network agencies in the world, where my career has flourished and gone from strength to strength. On top of that, I have made a friend for life in Ali. Wishing you all the best for the business and all the best of luck for the next 12 years!

Craig Fraserwood – candidate 
I wasn't actively looking for a role when DNA got in touch with me. They had a role that was pretty much perfect for me, in terms of my background, interests and ambitions. I felt quite loyal to my existing employer, but it really was the perfect move at the time. DNA managed the whole process really well and I was offered the role. Thanks for all your help and all the best on your 12 years in business!

Sorana Duca 
In such a competitive market It is not always easy to reach the right company, and that is why working with a professional recruitment agency makes a huge difference from a candidate perspective.
DNA Recruit approached me in October 2019 through the lovely Sarah Wallace who differentiated herself right from the start by communicating openly and installing trust early on in our relationship. She immediately assessed the compatibility between myself and my career goals and matched that with the positions she had available at the time.
To my good luck, she identified a great fit with Outform. The recruitment process took about 5-6 weeks, and it consisted of 4 stages all together, but DNA focused on keeping everyone informed, connected and motivated. I have now passed my probation and I could not be happier.

Neil Jenkinson 
There’s a reason why DNA is celebrating the amazing milestone of 12 years in business. I should know as they secured one of my first senior roles about 10 years ago. Unlike many recruitment consultancies, they didn’t over-promise or over-complicate. My journey started with an open chat and DNA said they had something in the pipeline which turned out to be exactly true (amazing!). They guided me through the process, helped me focus on my relevant skills and provided key insights on the agency, their work and the most importantly the people I’d be meeting. By the time I met for an interview, it felt like I already worked there and yes, I got the job.
I’ve kept in touch ever since and even applied for other roles through DNA who have been honest enough to say what’s right and what isn’t for me… and that really is rare. It’s fair to say that DNA are in a different league and for me, seeing their logo still gives me reassurance, a stamp of authentication if you like.
Wishing Ali and the team congratulations and best of luck for the next 12 years!

Paola Pisacane
Thanks so much for inviting me to share my experience with DNA for your 12th birthday.
DNA supported me in securing my job as Client Partner at Zone almost six years ago. From the very first conversation, DNA understood very well what my ambitions and strengths were, and how to match these with Zone's search and amazing culture. You were also flawless in supporting me throughout the interviewing process - a very thorough process with 6 different stages. Always available and very efficient to provide me with the right information on the internal stakeholders and delivering prompt feedback. Managing to ensure that the timelines were tight, which was not an easy task based on the number of stakeholders to meet and different diaries to handle! 

Six years later, I am still working at Zone, having progressed in my career as expected and working on the brand of my dreams. I could never thank you enough for this!I wish you a great birthday, keep on being the amazing recruitment partner you are with the special skills of being able to manage perfectly a candidate's ambition with the need of your clients.

Here is the next decades filled with success and great stories!

Business Director, global independent agency
I’d like to say a thank you to DNA for what has been a story not of constant support - that’s not necessarily the role of a recruiter - but of regular and effective contact through around half of my eleven-year career. I’ve moved twice with DNA and both times made some tough choices about where to go, when, and what I would be getting out of the roles I’ve explored. 
I’ve dealt with several DNA-ers, who have offered advice and guidance as well as just contacts and interviews. They’ve helped challenge my thinking and decision-making, and I’ve been much the better for it. They’ve really helped me understand what the options are and helped me work out what’s right for me. In absolute honesty, there have been moments when I’ve felt I didn’t quite get enough feedback on interview performance, but that may have come from bigger agencies failing to provide it more than the recruiters not asking. 

But in terms of integrity, I have also had conversations with Ali where he’s advised rethinking a desire to move as the market at the time didn’t offer the sorts of opportunities I could get at my current agency. So there have been moments where DNA’s honesty has been really valuable. 

I wish you and the team all the best for the next 12 years of business. 

Solomon Gauthier 
DNA was there for me when I made the biggest jump of my career, moving from Canada to the UK. The team was super helpful finding me the right now as was there again whenever I was looking to progress and grow. Happy birthday DNA! Nothing but a bright future ahead for you all!