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What is the Average Salary for an Account Manager?

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f you are interested in becoming an account manager in London working in marketing, there might be one question on your mind - what salary can I expect in the position? Even though it may not be the only reason why we go to work, ensuring that we are sufficiently compensated for our work is often a hot topic amongst employees. As well as securing a job that offers an initially strong wage or salary, lots of people also want to find a role that has plenty of options for progression. Not only will they then be able to take on more responsibility and work up through their career, but they will also be able to benefit from promotions and the higher salaries and bonuses that they might bring.

Account managers are often some of the most respected individuals in the marketing industry as they are responsible for a lot of clients ensuring that their needs are met. As well as that, some roles include supervising a team, therefore, strong managerial and people-management skills are required. Skills and experience of this caliber often lead to higher salaries.

To take a better look at the average salary for account managers, let’s take a closer look at some specific marketing sectors account managers operate in.

Client Services

If you want to work within client services in marketing, then you can expect a very generous salary as an account manager. Going into this sector as a standard account manager should mean you can earn between £26,000-£32,000. For all freelancers at this level, you can expect a  day rate of £150-£180. If you are able to move up through the ranks then you could eventually land yourself anywhere between £65,000-£80,000 as a group account director, one of the highest promotions available for those from an account management background.

Experiential & Events Delivery

For those who fancy moving into the experiential and events delivery sector, you could end up with a senior account director position that could earn you between £55,000-£65,000 depending on skills and experience. A day rate for freelancers in this role could be between £250-£350. As the experiential sector is becoming more and more of a key part in many company’s marketing strategies, there is now a growing demand for employees within it. If the demand outweighs the number of job applicants, then we could see these salary figures rise substantially. It’s also worth noting that work in this sector did use to be predominantly for freelancers. However, now that demand for experts in this field continues to grow, we are seeing increasing numbers of permanent positions being created. That isn’t all bad news for freelancers, though, as contract positions are still readily available in London and across the UK.

As you can see, the average salary for an account manager seems to be very healthy indeed at this moment in time. If the demand for more of these roles continues to grow within the client services and experiential and events delivery sector, then these averages could certainly rise over the next few years.