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A day in the life of an Account Director

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When you are working as an Account Director in a creative field like digital marketing and branding, it's impossible to really tell what a typical day will be: there is no such thing as a "typical" day for an account director! This is one of those roles that can change day to day, hence the popularity of Account Director Jobs in London and across the country. The one certainty that you'll encounter as an account director is a need for strong coffee before settling down for the emails of the day!

Every day and every week varies between managing existing client relationships and looking for opportunities to build new ones. It's so much more than being on the phone or in meetings to be present; it's ensuring that a high level of service is achieved every time you speak to a client. These are valued partnerships that you will help the company to maintain, and at every turn, you'll be uncovering opportunities to build new relationships and working with new people. Alongside this, you'll work to ensure that current clients have the right marketing opportunities with which you can assist.

Managing People

The next job you'll have as an account director is in your mentorship of those underneath you. Senior Account managers and other management team members will be relying on you to delegate tasks, assist them with learning skills they need to advance in the business and give them the right opportunities to succeed for themselves. Being an exceptional leader is part of the puzzle as an account director, and you will be able to work closely to assist them with generating new accounts and completing all projects as scheduled and to budget. Team growth is vital for your success as a director, and the stronger your team, the better your clients will benefit - win-win!

Confident Communicator

Excellent communication skills are a must as an account director, as every day you are possibly taking key client calls and having a say in the full creative process for each account. Closing potential clients, Lead generation and marketing campaigns are a part of the job for attracting new business, but maintaining awareness throughout your whole target audience has to be a priority, too. Building relationships, project management and keeping your clients happy at the same time will ensure that you are doing your job correctly.


Some of the challenges that you will encounter as an account director will vary from role to role, but as the account director, it's your job to guide your clients to the right strategies in branding and marketing that you know will work for their business. Change is often hard for some, but as it's your job to show them the value that they can offer their industry, your communication and management skills will be best here.

Some days are quieter, with meetings being less frequent and projects slowing down a little, but this is the perfect time to catch up on the admin that got pushed to the backburner on the days that get busy! You'll spend a lot of time in meetings, briefing clients, and dealing with your team - but balance is going to make this role a success for you.