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Why should you consider a remote working role?

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We know these are challenging times but many people are still looking for a new job or even starting a new role during the lockdown. With this in mind, we are aiming to share some useful hints and tips over the coming weeks.

Today we want to help people with their decisions about remote working and whether or not they should take the first steps towards working from home if they haven’t tried it before.

Here at DNA, many of our staff working from home, for instance Sarah Wallace and Jo Wallace who are remote workers in North Hertfordshire. Therefore, we understand the importance of flexible and remote working. More and more employees are choosing a career that allows them to work from home, or in fact anywhere in the world - afterall it is the future!

Here at DNA, we have come up with five reasons why you should consider a remote role:

1. Higher motivation levels

Working from the comfort of your own home can help you to feel more motivated than you would in an office. Naturally you can feel more relaxed, allowing you to fully concentrate on your work.

Distractions can lead to unproductive days at work. Being away from colleagues and any additional office stresses brought on by rules and regulations can keep your motivation levels high - meaning you get more done!

As well as this, your work-life balance is also likely to benefit from remote working. You’ll be able to fit in the gym and other appointments around your work which will in turn boost your health and wellbeing!

2. Productivity 

As you’re working from home, more tasks can be fitted in to the day. No more work-related travel means you can crack straight on with work! Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the normal commute is fast becoming two hours long.

Remote working allows you to work in the way that suits you best - whether you live for silence or need some background noise you can choose which you want without any disagreements.

3. More cash to burn

As you won’t be doing the daily commute, splashing cash on coffees or even adding to your office wardrobe, you will now be able to save your money and put it towards something that is actually important to you.

You may even save money where you don’t expect to; For example if you change your gym to a less central location you could save money on your membership.

4. Less sick leave

Legally you are allowed up to ten sick days a year, however if you are working remotely you could still accomplish some work on days when you don’t feel 100%. You may just have a simple cough (and in these times we know that certain symptoms require self-isolation) and you don’t want to risk spreading germs to your colleagues; Working from home means you can still utilise your time to complete lesser tasks without tiring yourself out.

Having fewer days off sick means that you can stay on top of your work - becoming a more reliable and valuable employee to your organisation.

5. Independence

Remote working will see you become less dependent on your work colleagues and allow you to become more resourceful – encouraging you to solve problems by yourself instead. You may even gain skills through watching tutorials online to increase your awareness on a subject.

As we embrace the remote working lifestyle, we strongly believe in the benefits that it has to offer! If you are interested in changing roles to join a company that promotes flexible working, visit our jobs page for all of our available roles.