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Four things I have learnt in my four years at DNA

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This month, our very own Natasha Stark celebrated her four year anniversary with DNA. She talks to us about the four most important things that she has learnt over the past four years.

Discover her four important tips below:

1. Put time into building close relationships with candidates

Finding someone their ideal role can always be a challenge, but when you factor in moving countries, children's schools and getting spouses on board with their plan - it can be a downright minefield!

You may have found the role that ticks all the boxes, but the other factors around securing a new job are sometimes just, if not more important.You can't understand people's personal motivations with just, one quick hour meeting and sometimes the people I have placed I have known for years.

This is why it's essential to understand their motivations for moving - when you have been searching for a senior position for six months, your relationship with that candidate can mean success for them and you or failure for both.

2.  Flexible working is the industry's greatest motivator

There's nothing like working under your own steam and having a boss that trusts you to do what's required. This can be the difference between the golden flexible working goal or being chained to a desk 9-6.

Flexible working enables the bond of trust to be built and for you to be able to achieve success on your own terms. Self motivation, a happier family life and more balance to fit in the things that make you healthy all go towards creating a win win for everyone.

Most agencies I know now have some arrangement for flexible working and most have said that this has led to a more impassioned workforce and has created a higher productivity rate.

According to Powwownow’s flexible working survey 2017, 58% of people believe that working away from the office help them become more motivated. People just work better when they actually want to work rather than being told they have to. It’s simple psychology.

3. Learn to trust your gut

I can't begin to count the number of times my initial feelings have been right. That gut instinct can be a great litmus test for situations where you're not sure which path to follow.

I always tell candidates to go on their gut instinct when walking into a new company or an interview situation. If your subconscious is sending out alarm bells you will naturally feel uneasy.

If you're not sure how to begin to trust yourself, psychologist Marta Reynolds outlines clear ways to evaluate your logic:

  • Write out what you believe to be true about a situation and then question your assumptions.

  • Become the observer of your own thoughts. Ask yourself what is causing you to think that way.

  • Practice “beginner’s mind” to see with new eyes. Think if you had seen this thing for the first time.

  • Argue with yourself. Notice your impulse to defend what you think is true. We all have bias. Put yourself in another person’s situation and see it from another persons point of view.

4. Eurostar beats flying!

Ever had an aborted landing? Not the most pleasant of experiences when 125 mph winds are bashing through Schipol airport. Not to mention security, flight delays and cancellations. This versus sitting comfortably with some Chablis and your laptop straight into Kings Cross (with a stop in Brussels).

To make things even better the Eurostar is introducing a direct train to Amsterdam in April taking only three and a bit hours, I'll be following closely and nabbing the first ticket that comes on sale when commuting from Amsterdam!

Thanks for all of your hard work Tash!

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