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5 ways to attract the best talent in 2018

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Within the working world, everyone strives to perform to the best of their ability as an individual, but how can you attract the best talent in 2018? Here at DNA, we have comprised a list of the top five things to look out for in order to attract the best talent in the upcoming year.

1. Promote Diversity

Diversity is an issue that needs to be tackled within every industry. Developing a talent base in the creative industry, drawing on a greater mix of people from ethnic minorities, should help to address this issue. However, diversity extends deeper into other areas such as, gender, age and diversity of thought!

2. Rise to the AI challenge

As we step into 2018, the boundary lines between what humans and machines can do at work are becoming increasingly thin. It is important for marketers to acknowledge this technology and be at one with it. AI machines could help create smarter, more productive campaigns and help to personalise marketing messages. It has been developed to make us better - so it is inevitable that it will be used to help attract talent.

3. Talent intelligence to replace passive recruitment

2018 will see talent intelligence being brought to a new level. What is talent intelligence? In short, it can be described as a new way to harness data and insights, to reinvent and improve every stage of the recruitment process.

Combining these insights with the right recruiter instincts delivers winning talent strategy and therefore provides the best talent available in 2018. Talent intelligence will deliver a competitive advantage at every step of the recruiting process, helping you hire the correct candidates in the shortest amount of time - instead of relying on passive recruitment.

4. Google for Jobs

This year, Google for jobs is set to come overseas from the States and take the UK by storm. In short, Google for Jobs builds on the Google cloud jobs API. This API uses machine learning to understand how job titles and skills relate to each other. As well as this it also looks at job content, location and seniority which are closest matched to the candidate’s preferences. To implement this, Google have partnered with job recruitment giants such as Monster, LinkedIn and Glassdoor just to name a few.

To look for good talent in 2018, recruiters should be optimising their job postings in order to gain more impressions. Although this is still in the early stages it has turned over promising results in the US that recruiters need to be aware of.

5. Keeping up with the market

A key point to ensure you attract the best talent is to keep up with the market,t to ensure that you attract the best talent in 2018 is by keeping up with the market. Although this may seem like an obvious point, the recruitment industry is fast paced and ever changing. By having a grasp of what is going on will help you make wise decisions that will pay off in the form of recruiting the best talent around.

In 2018, DNA hope to set the way recruiting the best talent around for our clients. To discover more information about DNA visit our insights page.