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Professional Recruitment Trends/Future Trends Report

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It’s safe to say the marketing, advertising and creative industries all bare some similarities, predominantly in recruitment. Sourcing and placing the best talent requires an early adopter technique to stay on top of trends and, of course, to find best people.


Here at DNA, we like to be ahead of the curve to ensure that we find the best candidates for your business.


LinkedIn’s 2017 Trends Report stated that the top three sources for acquiring talent came from employee referrals, third party websites or online job boards and professional social networks.

It’s important to know which direction the recruitment industry is heading in and to help you do this, we’ve created a shortlist of the three top trends that you should be keeping an eye out for.

1. Automation

Automation is a powerful recruitment tool that is gaining momentum, fast becoming one of the key trends in recruitment. If you are not aware of it, you must be living in the stone age with the Flintstones. In short, it provides structure to recruitment activities and systems that are concise and fair - such as email automation of the latest vacancies. Having the right level of automation within your company can have major benefits, as well as saving you a tonne of money!

2. Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting is a key trend to watch out for. As you are well aware, everything can be done on our phones, from shopping to research and even waking up in the morning. This understandably means that more candidates are applying for jobs on their phones - impacting on recruiters who need to supply the right technology, that allows for mobile applications.

3. Diversity

A future trend to watch out for is the increasing need for diversity. In LinkedIn’s 2017 Trends Report, a staggering 37% said that they are recruiting more diverse candidates. Diversity has gained a lot of media coverage this year and is increasingly becoming a necessity across all industry sectors.

Companies are realising that there are both social and financial benefits of having a diverse workplace. More and more recruitment teams are using strategies to reduce unconscious bias such as blind hiring in order to attract diverse candidates into the future.

Overall, it is important to always keep in mind the current and future trends in recruitment. This will help steer you in line with what is making the industry tick. If you want to continue being successful then keep up with the trends - something that is key to our business operation at

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