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The Unmentionables: Never Say These To Your Recruiter

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Some things are better left unsaid. 

It's easy to warm up and feel at ease with a recruiter. The best ones do that to you - they're real people-persons who get you to open up to your true personality. They need to be, in order to help you find the right job and to find their client the right candidate. 

As a candidate, it's easy to maintain a friendly relationship with your recruiter. You're endlessly on a job hunt and someone has decided to give you a chance and be nice at the same time? Jackpot! Saying too much to your newfound friend, however, can cost you a job. 

No matter how well you get along with or know your recruiter, never cross the line of professionalism. Some things should just be left unsaid - and here's a list of those things. 

"I'll do anything"/"I'm desperate"
Yikes! Maintain some dignity! We know it's difficult to keep the confidence levels up while job hunting - don't worry, we've all been there - but never mention that you're basically using them to scrape the bottom of the barrel for you. Recruiters are scouting for the very best talent they can find for their clients, and they’re not going to be motivated to put you up for a role if you don't believe in yourself, let alone the job.

"I hated my last job"/"My old boss was awful"
Saying this doesn't benefit anything at all, neither your relationship with your recruiter nor his/her perception of you. Treat your catch ups and phone calls with your recruiter as you would a real interview with a potential employer. Keep it to yourself. Remember: what Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally. 

"It's on my Resume..."
Recruiters are very familiar with what's on your resume, they just want to hear you verbalise it! What they're really doing is checking for your communication skills; the way you articulate your past experiences and how you would do in client-facing roles. 

"I'm waiting on another offer"
If you're in a situation where you've completed a few interviews and awaiting responses, keep quiet about it. Don't let your recruiter or potential employer feel like they're second in line. If an offer has been made to you, a lot is riding on that, and you must remain respectful of people who have given you a chance.