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Top 10 Tips For Breaking Into Advertising

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What skills are advertisers looking for?


After hosting an advertising portfolio masterclass, Pip Jamieson, founder and CEO of professional creative community The Dots, asked some of the leading creative minds to give advice on standing out from the creative crowd.  


The creative director's top ten tips for breaking into advertising were broken down and delivered over two articles consisting of 5 tips each.  In the first part we heard that it's nice to be nice as well as yourself, so long as you don't always follow the conventional means to achieve an end.  

Following this search for passionate, brave people with their original ideas we hear about keeping it simple, doing research and being strategic to communicate ideas.   


Personality and skill it seems will get you there in the end, while breaking in can be daunting and at times seemingly impossible stay positive and remember if it were easy, everyone would do it.  



Here's the original link from The Guardian (part one 1-5) (part two 6-10)