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Do You Believe The Client Service Director Title Is Dead?

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'Client Service Director title is now redundant' 


A job title is descriptive, something recognisable and something that evokes status.  But what happens when it has little resemblance to the role's content? It only makes sense that when a role changes so too does the title.  Andrew Bell, Geometry Global UK's managing partner, explains that because the role itself has changed so the client service director title is now redundant.  


The relationship between the client and the agency has changed because communication is now engagement and conversation rather than broadcast.  How consumers engage with brands continues to evolve thus driving conversation is now the key focus.  What was known as client service director Bell now calls 'the business partner' as today's role is about understanding client's businesses as a whole.  He says clients want a partner that isn't simply a supplier, that it's about building partnerships to navigate an ever-changing complex world and in this world understanding the how and the why and being strategic to achieve creative points of view. 


Bell's advice on how to achieve this comes down to aiding clients in understanding people in order to change customer behaviour.  And if you can do this, he suggests more than a change in title - a change of career.


Original source - Campaign Live