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Top Tips For Getting Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Right

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You have a great CV, your LinkedIn profile is fully up to date yet you are not getting as many approaches as you would have hoped. So what else can you do? Our first advice is to revisit your profile picture. Could it be better? 

There is data to suggest that recruiters and talent managers do spend time looking at the photos - not just the profiles. Get it wrong and they just move on. So what make a good choice of photo? 

Here's what we think you need to consider.

No silly faces or poses - this isn't Facebook. 

No filters - save them for Instagram. 

No action shots or holiday snaps either - these rarely make anyone look good. 

No cluttered backgrounds - you need to be the main focus of the picture. 

Don't be in the photo with anyone else - how will we know which is you? 

Make sure your face is clearly visible - a good test is to view your LinkedIn photo via your mobile. That is about as small as it will  be viewed, so if you can't be seen clearly at this size then change it.  

Don't be too generic either - this is not a 'corporate' industry, so you don't need to look like a lawyer but you still need to look professional. Imagine you are meeting a client for the first time. How would you present yourself for that?  

Finally, no sunglasses. This is a pet hate of ours in particular. Some say eyes are the window to the soul. Cover them up and you are putting up a barrier - it begs the question 'what are you trying to hide from us'. 

If you want to discuss your LinkedIn profile or your CV, please do call us anytime. Our consultants are always happy to give advice