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Our new website has been live a few weeks now and we've had some very positive feedback. Our new branding has gone down well and the functionality of the site is a massive step forward.

Just in case you've not yet had time to have a play with with - here's some of the key features and benefits we wanted to bring your attention to.

Mobile and Tablet friendly

We worked very closely with the design team to ensure that we created the best experience possible on mobile and tablet. When you're searching for a new role or just browsing, it's unlikely you'll be doing it at work. So we thought hard about about how to keep it simple for those times when you're on the move.

The mobile experience is the simplest of all with a very easy to use menu getting you straight to the page you want in the minimum number of steps. The tablet version is also simple but with a bit more of the detail from the full site. So next time you're on your way to an interview and need to get in touch with a consultant in an emergency - head straight to our mobile site and hit 'contact us' and the phone number and you will get right through.

Easy navigation

In this age of 'tech attention deficit' we're all accustomed to and, some say, addicted to finding what we want on a website in an instant. Who has time to puzzle out how a site works? So this was also a big motive for us to create the new site. We think we have now have a site that is easy and a pleasure to navigate.

Simple CV upload

If you're going to apply for a job you need to be able to get your CV over as simply and quickly as possible. We need them as much as you need to send them, so this was also crucial for us to improve.

Tips for candidates and clients

We like to give advice face to face but we also like to have share our expertise and opinion, so have created some pages that we think will be of interest and use to our clients and candidates.

Social media

Now we have a great new site we can share our news and job updates. We're on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter of course, but we're also on Instagram and G+, so have a look and feel free to share anything you see that's of interest

Obviously, we're very proud of our site and hope you like it too - but we're also happy to hear any feedback, so do get in touch and let us know your thoughts.