What is Experiential Marketing and Why it Matters

9th June 2020
What is Experiential Marketing and Why it Matters

AUTHOR: Jo Wright

The great thing about working in marketing is prett​y much impossible to get bored. Not only do you get to work with a diverse range of clients, each with different and unique needs, the landscape of marketing is constantly changing. In the digital age, where brands of all shapes and sizes are constantly trying to get a competitive edge over the competition, new techniques and concepts are an ever-present facet in an ever-changing topography. As such, those in the marketing industry face a cornucopia of buzzwords every single day. Indeed, part of success in marketing is the ability to separate the true from the trendy and the brilliant from the buzz.

With that in mind, let’s talk about those who work in experiential agency jobs in London and around the UK. Experiential marketing is a term that might seem eye-rolling at first but is actually an important facet in building a brand that resonates with your target market…

What is experiential marketing?

In an era where brands virtually shouted at consumers from all angles, they have become increasingly passive in the marketing process. Experiential marketing is all about immersing consumers and ensuring that they are active participants in… yes, you guessed it, an experience.

Also referred to as engagement marketing, experiential marketing employs a variety of marketing strategies that help to immerse prospective customers within the product by engaging them in as many ways as possible and making them an active participant in the marketing process and giving them a sense of ownership of the brand. The overall aim is to provide a more enjoyable and interactive experience for the prospect while building value in the brand in the eyes of consumers.

Why is experiential marketing important?

Experiential marketing involved creating a fun, immersive and memorable experience for the customer and in a landscape that’s beset on all sides by brands of all shapes and sizes screaming to be heard, that can only be a good thing.

Not only is it of more value to the consumer than a traditional campaign, it is of infinitely more value to the brand, marking them out as different and prepared to go above and beyond to create value for the customer.

Experiential marketing in practice

So, we know a little about what experiential marketing is and why it matters, but what might it look like in practice?

Recent years have seen some very cool experiential marketing campaigns in action. Take a look at some of these recent experiential marketing triumphs and see what inspiration you can take from them…

  • Soft Toy Checkup Clinic Kids love fun interactive experiences. In 2014 Disney had pop-up booths in Smyths Toy Shops and Tesco stores nationwide to promote their show Doc McStuffin. Here small children got to have fun diagnosing the illnesses of various soft toys. A fun illustration of how experiential marketing can ignite our sense of play.

  • Marshmallow Man invades Waterloo To promote the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, Sony Pictures placed a giant sculpture of the iconic Marshmallow Man, Mr Stay Puft bursting through the floor of the bustling station. Forbidden Planet also has a pop-up store selling Ghostbusters merchandise. Now if only the film itself had been as popular.

  • Who needs the Kiwk-E-Mart? Remember The Simpsons Movie back in 2007? You may not have known that convenience store chain 7-Eleven transformed 12 of their stores into Kwik-E-Marts; the iconic store from The Simpsons.

As you can see, experiential marketing allows brands to engage their creativity while also engaging their target audience!


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