The Top 10 Roles in Client Services

23rd November 2023
The Top 10 Roles in Client Services

AUTHOR: Leatitia Lyons

Client services teams are the foundation of most businesses. They are responsible for managing ongoing client relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. But what are the key roles that make up an effective client services team? As one of the leading recruiters, we break down the top 10 most important positions in client services.

Account Manager

The account manager is the primary point of contact for clients. They oversee the entire client relationship from onboarding to ongoing support. Key responsibilities include:

• Managing contract renewals and upsells

• Responding quickly to client queries and concerns

• Coordinating with other departments to deliver excellent service

• Tracking client data and insights to enhance the customer experience

Customer Success Manager

Customer success managers work closely with clients to ensure they are achieving their goals and getting value from the products or services. They:

• Check in regularly with clients to assess satisfaction

• Provide training and support to help clients fully utilise offerings

• Offer strategic advice to help clients reach objectives

• Act as an advocate within the company on behalf of clients

Implementation Specialist

Implementation specialists get new clients up and running with products and services. They:

• Configure platforms and offerings to client specifications

• Train client teams on using new systems and tools

• Troubleshoot issues during early stages of onboarding

• Document processes, FAQs, and guides to support the client

Client Service Representative

Client service representatives handle day-to-day inquiries and requests from clients. Responsibilities include:

• Fielding phone, email, and social media queries

• Submitting requests or tickets to appropriate departments

• Providing quick solutions or escalating complex issues

• Logging all interactions and updating client records

Technical Support Representative

Technical support reps troubleshoot technological issues experienced by clients. They:

• Diagnose and resolve software, platform, or device problems

• Communicate technical advice in an easy-to-understand way

• Escalate complex technical problems to engineers

• Follow-up on open issues until resolution

Account Coordinator

Account coordinators support account managers by handling important administrative client tasks:

• Processing orders and renewals

• Maintaining accurate client records in databases

• Scheduling meetings and sending calendar invites

• Assembling reports, presentations, and other documents

Sales Development Representative

Sales development reps qualify leads and convert them into new client opportunities. Responsibilities include:

• Making outbound calls/emails to nurture leads

• Analysing client use cases to match with appropriate products/services

• Scheduling demos and connecting leads to sales team

• Researching accounts to enable personalised outreach

Client Training Specialist

Client training specialists develop and deliver training content and programs to upskill clients. They:

• Create training materials like user guides, videos, and quick reference cards

• Conduct one-on-one or group training virtually or in-person

• Evaluate training effectiveness through quizzes, surveys, etc.

• Stay updated on new features to incorporate into training

Customer Data Analyst

Customer data analysts collect and interpret client data to derive insights. They:

• Pull data from sources like surveys, behavioural usage metrics, etc.

• Analyse trends to understand pain points, preferences, and behaviours

• Create dashboards and visualisations to showcase insights

• Make optimisation recommendations based on analysis

Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketing specialists create relevant, valuable content to nurture prospects and engage clients. They:

• Produce content like blog posts, eBooks, case studies, and webinars

• Promote content through social media, email, SEO, etc.

• Analyse content metrics to see what resonates most with clients

• Keep clients informed on key industry topics and trends


A high-performing client services team encompasses a diverse mix of roles with complementary skill sets. Well-defined responsibilities and strong collaboration ultimately ensure clients receive top-notch experiences at every touchpoint. The right people in each of these essential roles provide a foundation for client success and business growth.


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