Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

22nd January 2020
Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

AUTHOR: Dan Prince

In a world so significantly impacted by a global pandemic, we know that many companies are feeling the squeeze. The economy has been hit hard and we all need to find ways to tighten our belts; However, let’s be mindful that there are some places where it is actually counterproductive to cut back on spending.

Recruitment is one of these areas where a short-term financial saving can end up costing more; let us talk you through the top 6 reasons why you should outsource your recruitment to an agency.

1. Save Money (really!) and Internal Time (which is valuable!) 

Choosing not to use a recruitment agency may save money initially but think what it’s costing; unemployment is high which means that for every open role, more people than usual are applying, taking more time to filter suitable options and to balance them against the needs of your existing team. This is costly in man-hours and you could waste even more time interviewing people who simply aren’t going to fit. This is HR resource, management resource, meeting room and time resource, all of which may not result in the best end-result.

2. Expertise and Insight 

Experience, expertise and industry knowledge from a team of recruiters and head-hunters who have their finger on the pulse of the job market, who have their eye on the highfliers and shining stars that may just be the perfect fit for your team. They have built an extended network and funnel of candidates which puts you one step ahead. This funnel alone can take up to 12 weeks to establish, and managing the process internally means you’re beginning this from ground level. Recruiters provide all this expertise as well as offering advice on salary, packages, market trends and what jobseekers need from you. 

3. Reaching a Global Market

Produced internally, your job ads may only be seen by a limited audience, we have a vast, global network of candidates and job seekers, as well as the ability to advertise your job though several industry specific job sites.

4. Confidential and Trustworthy Support 

The service that a recruitment agency brings is far more than simply running a job ad. Filtering through a significant number of applications to pick out the key skills and traits that you’re looking for, taking those suitable candidates through a first round of interviews to further assess their suitability and balancing your needs with those the market has to offer, with confidence, confidentiality and trust at the heart of every phase. 

5. Additional Services

You’re not just paying for an ad; you’re getting a wraparound service which ensures that your time is invested in the best of the best, and your team is enhanced by recruiting the cream of the crop. This is enhanced by psychometric testing, coaching and ongoing support from our team once the candidate is in place, with training and mentoring to ensure they integrate smoothly into the existing team and thrive.

6. 360 Sales and Support

We don’t place an ad and wait for the phone to ring – we actively promote your role to a targeted, carefully curated audience of potential candidates – and we work hard to ensure that the open role is ‘sold’ to a market of the best future employees. 

Bringing in expert recruiters is significantly more than a one-off ad; we work hard to bring you the best of our expertise and insight – and take huge pride in performing at our best, so you can too.


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