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Thinking About Counter-Offers: Should You Accept Them?

Be prepared to handle counter-offers. You may be taking a step back in your career. As a recruitment company, we’ve seen this scenario happen all too often: an employee becomes unhappy at work d...

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Fighting Over Grads Means We Ignore The Mavericks

How do you find the "right" candidate? Claire Beale raises issues of student debt versus commitment and the arms race for the best grads in her article about mavericks being ignored in the fight...

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Experiential Execution And Marketing - How You Can Move Your Client's Brand From Awe To Understanding

Can marketers learn anything from abstract art?  Stimulant's design director Nathan Moody thinks so; similar to contemporary art, the best experiential marketing should move consumers from awe t...

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Three's Company For Coca-Cola's Global Campaign

Agencies named to create next global campaign In an attempt to revamp its marketing, Coca-Cola took an approach looking to harness creativity, on a global scale, from some of the best agency min...

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