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Experience is everything….

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Experience is everything….

You can see something and hear something, but until you actually experience something for yourself, you can’t really understand it. Can you? In a world where we are bombarded with content 24/7, something needs to cut through the showing and telling, and that something is experience.

As a consequence, experiential marketing is on the up, becoming an important part of the marketing mix. Whilst roles have historically been freelance or short-term, brands and agencies are now taking things seriously and big names, like the M&C Saatchi’s of the world are investing in permanent experiential divisions. They can’t afford not to; as consumers increasingly put value on experiences, rather than physical ‘stuff’ and technology has changed people’s relationships with brands forever; it’s here to stay. It’s increasingly leading campaigns. 

The idea is to turn consumers into fans; by creating a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in fun and enjoyable experiences. They then of course want to tell all their friends about it, which they’ll do in person, but most likely on social media. 

So, what’s driving experiential campaigns at the moment? 

Knowing the audience

Thanks to the availability of great metrics and social listening, we have the ability to know our consumers better than ever before. Advanced insight means it’s possible to isolate what target audiences will and won’t like. Activity can easily be tweaked if there’s a change in opinion or direction amongst audiences and effectiveness of the campaign can be measured.  

Memories are everything 

Whether it’s quirky, fun, stunning or downright outrageous, memories leave a lasting impression, often for years to come, so marketers are focusing on creating experiences that really resonate with the consumer; it’s about finding that emotional connection. 

The VIP experience

Consumers want to feel special; they want to experience something no-one else has or can. Pop-ups are on the rise; they offer complete exclusivity. It’s an opportunity to create a unique connection that can’t be created through more traditional communication. 

Virtual reality 

Technology is enabling brands to create their own version of reality. The blending of the physical and digital world means that brands can literally immerse consumers into a world they want them to see and interact with. 

Going big 

Going big with live streaming from an event, means content can be used to reach a much wider audience. It’s an opportunity to engage with audiences that can’t physically attend an experience or event. 

Perhaps most importantly, there is no room for mistakes. In today’s crowded world where brands are fighting for space, brand values are more important than ever before. So, experiences must be authentic and ‘on-brand’. 

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