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How Candidate Experience can shine a spotlight on your Employer Brand

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From the moment we identify a potential candidate, we are assessing them to evaluate whether they are a suitable match for any of our clients’ vacancies, but how many businesses take an in-depth look at the journey a candidate takes and how their experience - from initial communication to attendance at an interview, through to feedback - feeds their decision on whether to pursue an application or ultimately accept an offer? Very few recruitment agencies do.

Here at DNA we value the relationships between both our clients and potential candidates and take pride in considering how the candidate feels about the job and company they may end up working for. Making sure they have as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision about whether they wish to be put forward to our client and whether they might enjoy the working environment or tasks advertised for the position. We nurture candidates to ensure they are considered for the right jobs to match both their skills and personality and that our clients will get the most out of them, saving time and of course costs incurred as part of the hiring process. That culture match is important as someone who appears to match a role on paper may not fit the mould and operations of a business. 

So, how might a candidate feel, think and what will they tell other people about their experience in the recruitment process for the role we have told them about or sent them for? Our diverse team of recruitment consultants work remotely and focus on the strengths of candidates to help them get matched to the most relevant jobs, also taking their desire for a specific sector of a field into account. Careful assessment of their lifestyle and interests can be a great way to gauge how a candidate might perform and thrive once on site with our clients and we are open-minded about whether someone with less experience of a sector or role than another who is less proactive, passionate or driven would fit the bill. It’s all about thinking about what is best for all parties.

Communication is high up on the path of candidate and client satisfaction and we are keen to maintain this effectively, making sure that the candidates and clients have everything they need to make the right choices and perform an interview smoothly. If a candidate has needs that have to be catered for or accessibility issues that need to be adapted to for their interview, think how embarrassing it would be if key elements of their lifestyle need were not passed on to the interviewer. This affects the experience of the candidate and may impact on either party: the candidate thinking the interview is unprepared or unsympathetic, and the interviewer having to unnecessarily waste time when adjustments could have been made in advance. Of course, any information like this is held with the most confidential regard but it is easy to miss this out and it can have a big effect on the process.

We thrive on keeping our candidates and clients happy, working as an extension of their employer brand... and it seems to work for us so far.

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Before you go…Here are Ali’s Top 4 Tips for an effective Employer Value Proposition:

  1. Understand current perceptions.

  2. Define who you are and what you want to say.

  3. Get your leadership team on board.

  4. Embed and communicate the message through everything you do.