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Ali Wallace: Seven things I’ve learned in my 17 years Recruiting

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I’m Ali Wallace, founder and CEO of DNA Recruit. This year, we are celebrating ten years of business and in light of this, I’ve decided to share the top seven things I have learned in my 17 years as a recruiter.

Even after 10 years of running DNA, I’m still learning on the job and taking in information that is new to me. As a recruiter who aims to get the best talent, I have learned seven things that have helped me to recruit some of the best talent globally.

1. Stop looking for silly reasons to cross people off

Stop and evaluate whether the reason you are saying no to someone is really worth it. If you can’t justify why you have crossed them off your list then the reason is invalid.

2. Focus on the real person not the resume

It can be easy to place all of your attention on a CV and all of the qualities and qualifications that are listed on them. However, there is more to people than just a piece of paper so all external qualities should be taken into consideration.

3. Don’t judge a candidate's skills based on how well they interviewed

Interviews can be a nerve wracking experience even for the best of people, so it is important to evaluate individuals on every detail from qualifications, to experience.

4. Gaps in employment should be seen as a positive

These can reveal true character of a person. Their values, commitment, resilience and personal development may be exactly what you are looking for.

5. No amount of certification can replace experience, integrity and a willingness to learn

A candidate could have graduated from a top university, however a bad attitude or lack of experience can mean that they aren’t a good fit for your company.

6. Never overlook a candidate because they are over a certain age group

You may consider these candidates to be overqualified, however their contributions are invaluable. If they have all the experience that you require and more they could be a vital asset to your organisation.

7. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut

Take a chance on someone. If you feel that they are the right match for your company and really think they could excel, then go with your gut and hire them.

In my opinion we need to bring back the human-to-human approach. A candidate does not need to tick every box to be the best fit. I see so many qualified candidates being eliminated for silly reasons and what a waste of talent this is!

I hope you have found these top tips useful and will apply them to your day to day working life! DNA are experienced recruiters and can help both clients and candidates find exactly what they are looking for - so do not hesitate to get in touch or call 020 7490 9350!

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