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Let’s Talk About LinkedIn Pictures

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You know what they say – there's never a second chance to make a first impression. 

Whether you like it or not, the way someone portrays themself on their LinkedIn profile picture is the way their portray themself to the professional world.

First impressions are paramount when on the hunt for a new job, so if you’ve got your profile picture all wrong, then you can potentially mess up your chances.

Getting a profile picture right does wonders for your reputation within your field. It sends a message to prospective recruiters and employers who view your profile; you can be creative, outgoing, quirky or a leader, all within a professional capacity, by uploading the right photo.

Make a statement with your picture, and avoid these mistakes when considering your next photo.

Descending order of worst LinkedIn profile picture sins people can commit, and why

1. Baby photos – This is a rarity, and it's embarassing to look at. No matter how cute someone was as a baby, this is inappropriate for the simple reason that one can’t be identified through their baby photo. Also, it’s much too sentimental and personal for such a platform as LI. Leave it for Facebook. 
2. Family photos/Group photos– Again these aren’t relevant to LI. How will recruiters and employers know which person they're supposed to look at?
3. Tourist photos – This, too, belongs to Facebook. No Parisian landmark is good enough for the LI. 
3. Company logos – A face isn’t a logo, so just don’t.
4. Selfies – Many people are guilty of this, a simple search through your own connection list and you’re bound to spot a few. Although selfies are commonplace on the internet, they could give off a narcissistic vibe. They could also be seen as a lazy, or an unskilled way to portray yourself. It’s not difficult to ask someone, or even a hire a professional photographer, to take a close up photo of you.  Uploading a selfie onto LI is taboo, so get off that bandwagon and help your career. 
5. Don’t leave your profile picture blank  – It makes it seem like someone is either inactive on the site, technologically incapable of uploading a picture  or way too shy to show their own face – none of which is a good look when prospective recruiters or employers take a look at their account. 
6. Cartoons/avators – This, you can maybe get away with. If you work within a creative capacity, and an avatar of you has been professional done and resembles your likeness, then go for it. VCCP do this very well. However, if it’s a stick drawing your two year old made of you, definitely opt out.