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Go the extra mile - Walking home for Christmas! DNA Recruit and Walking With The Wounded

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Did you know that you can help people find work by walking home? 

One of many ways to support our wounded into work this Christmas season. DNA as a team is doing a small part but our company support runs deep. 

WWTW History

WWTW co-founders Ed and Simon both spent time in the army in service of our country. Ed served in the Royal Green Jackets in the 1980’s and 1990’s, seeing active service in Northern Ireland and subsequently working in the financial world. Simon was stationed at RMAS Sandhurst in 1985 with Ed Parker before embarking upon a career in the media.

Walk to the North Pole

Both Ed and Simon participated in the Walking With The Wounded North Pole expedition in 2011, which involved taking along four wounded soldiers – two of which are amputees and the first ones to reach the North pole unaided.

In preparation for the expedition, they trained in Battersea Park and on the North Norfolk beaches. Serving their country wasn’t their sole motive in starting up WWTW. Ed’s nephew Harry Parker, whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2009, was hit by an IED and lost both his legs.In the frozen excursion, Ed found the strength to carry him into turbo mode and made it to the northern destination quicker than anyone else.

WWTW has been in full effect ever since, pushing abilities to the limit, in extreme locations with able bodies and amputees alike.

If you would like more information about the charity and its work click here

For the last 5 years, DNA has been supporting Walking With The Wounded as part of our Christmas campaign.  We are just as delighted to support them throughout this year, as we were the last.  As part of our team effort we will be walking to our Christmas party in support of our armed forces who have and continue to deliver an incredible service to our country. 

There’s still time to donate – click here for more information.