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Be Merry This Christmas: Help Your Team Stress Less For The Holidays

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For the sake of entering the New Year with a reinvigorated energy. And enjoying the festive season as it should be enjoyed – with good times and good people.


The end of the 2016 is nigh. Amidst Christmas preparations and end of year work targets, work-related stress, anxiety and depression can reach a high.             


You never know what’s going on at employee’s private life. What may seem like a happy, festive season for some, may be a time of absolute dread for others. Family, financial problems, work pressure and anxiety issues are only heightened during the Christmas period.


As an employer, you’re likely to be a factor of the work-related stress for your team. But you can easily control or alleviate this stress . Help you and your team thrive, not just survive, this holiday season.


There are four things to keep in mind during this period: make rational targets, take care of yourself and your team, take control of your time and limit your commitments and cherish your family and friends.         


Stress-relieving ideas for employers


Give every employee a gift – This doesn’t have to involve splashing out on a Christmas hamper for each and every person. This could include something simple like a voucher, or a bottle of wine, along with a thoughtful card with a personalised hand written message. If your company has had a particularly successful year, indulge your team, who helped you achieve that success. Think of something creative that would heighten their spirits – an intimate end of year team dinner or bonus is always a good idea. Show your appreciation and dedication to them. A little goes a long way.


Create some festive office fun – Close to the big day, it’s not a bad idea to organise some holiday fun for your team. You can hold a Secret Santa, organise a prize lotto, or hold a dress-up competition for the best/funniest/craziest Christmas-related outfit. You can even hold “bring your kid” or “bring your pet” to work day, and dress them up in Christmas outfits. Anything to insert some fun into the office and be kids just for a day!


Christmas Party – Depending on the size of your team, take the time to chat to as much of your employees as you can, at least before you’ve had one too many drinks. It’s a perfect time to bond and build relationships with the people you spend most of your time with.


Be lenient with schedules – Fitting everything into Christmas time is tough. Consider making holiday days more flexible for employees to celebrate their cultural or religious traditions. This includes other periods other than Christmas, including  Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Hanukah and more. Offer flexible schedules as people need time for holiday preparations and family and holiday commitments. 


Establish a work tradition – You’ve done some of these activities this year, so do them again next year. Give your team even more of an incentive to love their job and enjoy working for your company. Create a fun, inclusive and rewarding atmosphere.


There are always more ways to manage and eliminate holiday stress, and there’s no limit to what you can do to enjoy this festive season with your team.

The idea is to make the holidays a time to unwind and have fun, and to ensure a stress-free environment in the workplace.