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Fighting Over Grads Means We Ignore The Mavericks

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How do you find the "right" candidate?

Claire Beale raises issues of student debt versus commitment and the arms race for the best grads in her article about mavericks being ignored in the fight over graduates.  Saying that when it comes to the idea of career progression, in a single profession,  for many young people it doesn't exist.  But what makes a graduate worthy of the term 'best' and can the answer be found in university name, qualifications, a portfolio; or is it found elsewhere? 

She applauds the decision to rid the job application process of qualifications at Grey, as for many today there is no option to work your way up; stating it's as "impossible to find many examples of the maverick entrepreneurialism that characterised the industry when it was less homogenised and risk-averse in its hiring policies."


How to go about finding the "right" candidates without that cookie cutter profile educationally is a difficult one to answer.  Paul Snoxell, of the same forum, thinks the best place to start may be by simply asking that question.    


Original article on Campaign Live - Claire Beale