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Meet Tom - Our New Consultant

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Introducing our latest new recruit - Tom Playford. Tom has joined us today as Senior Consultant for Digital Delivery/Tech & PM.  


Tom is an experienced recruiter and had a very successful few years at Digital Gurus. Tom says he is really looking forward to working with the team at DNA because everyone shares his mindset - 'put client and candidate relationships first'.  

Tom has an honest and open approach, as we all do, and he prides himself on his innate ability to listen to clients, understand their business and works hard to ensure he supplies them with the very best talent.  

Tom hasn't always been in recruitment. He started out in television, working in transmission for Ascent Media and Turner TV. By 2010 he realised he couldn't see his future in TV and that is when he joined Digital Gurus. 

They were just a small team back then, but Tom did very well and rose through the ranks very quickly. It was during this time that he discovered he had a natural aptitude for connecting with clients and candidates as well as a keen interest and understanding of the business. These qualities combined are what contributed to Tom's success and before long he was developing and managing key accounts. 

By 2012, Tom was appointed Team Leader of the Technical team and was responsible for growing this area of the business and focussing on permanent hires. It was at the end of 2013 that Tom felt ready for a break and took a sabbatical to go travelling with his wife. He returned to Digital Gurus afterwards, but later realised he was ready for a  new challenge elsewhere. 

We are happy to say that Tom felt that his next move should be to DNA and we are confident that his knowledge and experience will be put to very good use in our Digital team. 

So if you're looking for your next move in Digital or have a brief, please give Tom a call. You can reach him on 0207 4909 350 or send him an email -