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Finding The Right Recruiter

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If you're on the hunt for your dream job, there is no shortage of recruitment consultancies who claim to be able to help you find it. But not every recruitment agency will be suitable and it pays to do your research. Take a look at the DNA check list to finding the right agency for you, as well as some tips to make the best use of a recruiter once you do.

What do you want from a recruitment agency?

Before anything, you should establish exactly what you are looking for. Having no idea what you want from your next role or expecting to be told what to apply for, will not mark you out as a brilliant candidate. Recruitment consultants are not careers advisors - we are career 'improvers' if anything.

Be open-minded. If you're contacted about a position, it's because you have the potential to be a good fit. That's something our consultants are very good at -  identifying your potential. Dismissing it straight away could see you missing out on an opportunity that might lead you towards a great job and it could potentially discourage a recruiter from contacting you about roles in the future.

Choosing the right agency for you

  • Look for specialists – If you're looking for a job within a particular area of our industry, you may find that recruiters with specialist knowledge and experience will have a more appropriate network of clients and the right expertise to match candidates with the right roles. This is something we are very conscious of at DNA. All of our consultants have been recruited because of their specialist knowledge, experience and contacts. Have a look at their profiles 

  • Check the client list – Which clients are the agency working with? Who have they worked with in the past? Are there any companies you would like to work for? 

  • Investigate their reputation – Many recruitment agencies publish testimonials from clients they have worked with. It can be a good indicator of the success they have had and how well they work. Here's a few of ours 

  • Examine the job listings – Does the agency have a large volume of vacancies? Does it look like the listings are maintained and updated regularly? Are there several jobs that you would consider applying to? Follow the agency on social media, as new jobs coming in will be shared here as well as posted on their own websites.

  • Do they want to meet you? – If a recruiter is serious about finding the right role for you, they are likely to recommend meeting to better establish your needs as a candidate. Nothing beats a face to face meeting for getting a working relationship off to a good start.

Getting the best from an agency

Once you've found the right agency, it makes sense to do all you can to help them help you. Being a good and co-operative candidate could make a difference between being considered for a role or not.You won't be their only candidate  - so you need to make them see you as a 'star' candidate.

  • Think about your salary expectations – While it's good to be flexible and open-minded, it is also important to know your worth. Best practice is to tell them a range of salaries which you would honestly like to be offered. Setting your salary expectations too low might see you contacted about more roles that are not going to appeal or be an adequate step forward.

  • Is location important to you? – Are you only looking for a job within a certain radius of where you live or are you prepared to relocate? The further you cast your net, the more jobs that will be available to you but be realistic about your ability to commute. If you want to limit your search to a certain place or area, pass that information on.

  • Rework your CV – Make sure you have a strong one or be open to suggestions for how to improve it. This could mean adding searchable keywords or including things that weren't already on it (such as an executive summary).

  • Be efficient – If you are contacted make sure you respond promptly. Making the recruiters job that bit easier will enhance your relationship as well as demonstrate your professional manner and commitment to finding a new job.

Maintaining contact

Busy recruitment agencies will be registering new people every day so it pays to keep in touch. When you do contact them, remember that it doesn't have to be about to ask about new vacancies. You could discuss:

  • Other career choices – Are there new jobs you are considering or other factors that could allow them to broaden their search criteria?

  • How you could you be more employable – Do you need to make any alterations to your CV? Highlight some key skills? Do they think your salary expectations are realistic?

  • Companies you would like to work for – Tell them if you have seen an agency that you think would be a good fit? Ask if the consultant would consider sending any speculative CVs on your behalf?

All of the consultants here at DNA have different skills and experience but they all share the same goal - matching candidates and roles. Their approach is always professional and ethical and as a result they have a high degree of success. If success is what you are striving for then give us a call today and let's get started on achieving your goals.