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Why You Need Us

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We've been in recruitment a long time. We've seen many trends come and go. We've survived the recession and seen many amazing new arrivals in the world of tech - all of which were a threat to recruitment consultancies. Yet, we're still here. How come? Because you need us, and always will - here's why.  


Never has the competition for jobs been more fierce. Perhaps a hangover from the recession. Perhaps because there is a genuine shortage of top talent with the right experience. Perhaps it's because our industry has never seemed so appealing to grads and fast moving. 


Whatever the reason, the total impact is that the industry is stronger than ever and good recruiters are the key to keeping agencies supplied with the right people. Social media and online job sites will always have their place but nothing beats the experience of a real life consultant who has been in the industry a long time and has a fantastic network of 'real life' contacts.  


Here's a few more reasons why we think you need us: 


Our industry knowledge 


We are experts in our field. We make it our business to keep on top of all developments in our own sectors. We know what skills are needed, what the challenges are, how agencies operate, what salaries are realistic and what our candidates and the talent managers are looking for. We also advise both parties on how to engage. 


Our network 


The best recruiters will always have a very wide network. At DNA we deliberately recruit consultants who come with their own solid network of industry contacts - clients and candidates. This means we can broaden our knowledge, network and skillset - and so can you, by using us. If you have a tricky brief. we will put everything into it and work very hard to uncover the talent you need and might not have found otherwise. We always use a modern approach but we also realise that nothing beats getting on the phone and speaking to people in our network to find out who they would recommend.  


Strategic approach 


It is widely acknowledged that agencies use recruiters as a way to swiftly assist growth. By using an external 'talent seeker' you have more time to plan the strategic growth of your business while we get on with the business of filling the gaps. Thanks to our own strategic approach you can rest assured that DNA does more than just fill the gaps. We will work closely with you to interrogate the brief and offer any insights we might have on best approach, for instance we may recommend a search.  


Fair fees 


We understand that money and resource are the biggest issues faced by any business. It's the same for us. We are committed to treating our clients in an ethical manner and that extends to our fees policy. We want to deliver you the best service at a great price - and we understand that by delivering consistently high standards we are likely to be rewarded with repeat business and an ongoing relationship - something we truly value.  


So now you know why we think you need us. If you've got a permanent or freelance roles that is proving a challenge, please give us a call.