The Changing Landscape of Web3 Recruitment

8th August 2023
The Changing Landscape of Web3 Recruitment

AUTHOR: Steph Islam

The realm of Web3 has undergone tremendous growth in recent years, transforming conventional industries and presenting countless opportunities for talented individuals. For those aiming to make their mark in this growing sector, innovative recruitment strategies have become imperative. In this article, we delve into the unconventional methods that have emerged in Web3 recruitment, while gaining insights from Yasir Malik, our Specialist Senior Recruiter and an industry expert who successfully transitioned into this captivating space.

Venture into Web3: A Personal Tale

Background and Expertise

Yasir, a passionate enthusiast of web3 since 2012, has closely monitored the advancements in crypto and the metaverse. Despite years of recruiting for conventional sectors, he saw the immense potential of web3 and chose to transition his career. This leap of faith proved to be a wise decision as the industry experienced a boom, placing Yasir at the forefront of decentralised finance and crypto companies during their initial stages of development.

Yasir was not only captivated by the futuristic technologies of web3 and its implementation potential but also had a personal connection to the gaming world. As an avid gamer, the concept of the metaverse resonated with him, and the possibility of ground-breaking applications in web3 further piqued his interest in this innovative domain.

Breaking the Mould: Unconventional Recruitment Avenues

The Limitations of Traditional Platforms

In contrast to well-established sectors, web3 does not fully align with the traditional recruitment model. Relying solely on platforms like LinkedIn proves ineffective, as web3 talent is more likely to gather in specialised communities such as Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. Acknowledging this shift change, recruiters must adapt and proactively engage with candidates within their preferred spaces.

To excel in web3 recruitment, it is a must to fully immerse oneself in web3-specific communities where potential candidates created their spaces and communities, sharing ideas, and innovations and exchanging relevant information. Platforms like Telegram and Discord have evolved into virtual hubs for web3 enthusiasts, offering a new space and communications form for businesses to discover talented individuals who possess the enthusiasm and skills required for this rapidly expanding sector.

Showcasing Talent and Projects for Web3 Success

The Power of Personal Projects

In this ever-evolving landscape, qualifications alone are inadequate to set candidates apart. The true differentiator lies in showcasing an authentic passion for technology through personal projects. For blockchain developers, this entails devising and sharing innovative smart contracts or blockchain-based applications. Meanwhile, metaverse and gaming enthusiasts can make an impact by creating their own virtual realms and immersive experiences. By demonstrating expertise and creativity, individuals can genuinely stand out in this new environment.

Creating an Impressive Portfolio

A gripping and creative portfolio serves as the cornerstone for web3 job applications. By linking platforms such as GitHub, where developers can showcase their coding skills, with LinkedIn, Twitter, and other online accounts, a comprehensive profile can be presented. This approach not only highlights the candidate's skills but also showcases their expertise in navigating the decentralised nature of web3

The Evolving Face of Recruitment: Movements in Web3

Diminishing Relevance of Traditional CVs

In the new web3 era, the traditional CV loses its significance. Employers are increasingly focused on talent, innovation, and hands-on experience rather than formal qualifications. As the industry continues to evolve rapidly, the structure of a CV fails to encapsulate the dynamic skill sets required in web3 roles.

In order to capture the best candidates, companies are now seeking proof of innovative projects and a genuine enthusiasm for web3. While a CV may still be a formality, recruiters pay greater attention to portfolios, GitHub contributions, and even endorsements from within web3 communities.

Glimpsing into the Future: Web3 Industry Trends

The Rise of the Metaverse

With the metaverse gaining traction, the web3 industry is poised to redefine not only our daily tasks but also pave the way for virtual experiences into our daily routine. As this technology progresses, demand for skilled professionals in virtual world creation, gaming, and metaverse architecture is projected to soar.

Potential Expansion in AI and Beyond

In addition to the metaverse, AI stands as another driving force in the web3 future. Web3 will likely witness the integration of AI in various applications, from chat agents to groundbreaking innovations making a real difference in our lives. As the industry advances, new opportunities will emerge for talent skilled in AI with a desire for creativity and disruption.


As web3 continues its evolution, the recruitment landscape will unquestionably adapt together with it. The industry's forward-thinking approach requires unique methods to locate and entice top-tier talent. By embracing web3-specific platforms, showcasing passion-fuelled projects, and prioritising individual skills and innovation, candidates can make their path into this dynamic world, where the possibilities are truly limitless. 

Whether you're seeking to recruit exceptional talent or searching for a new role, Yasir and the DNA Recruit Team are at your service. Get in touch with us today and we will help you to pave your way into emerging tech career. 



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