In House Marketing Manager or Agency Account Director Job Role?

3rd February 2020
In House Marketing Manager or Agency Account Director Job Role?

AUTHOR: Leatitia Lyons

One of the most significant decisions that you will make for your career as an account director is whether you want to work in-house or for an agency. Life varies between the two, and both situations have pros and cons associated with them. When you first look at the roles, they may look very similar, but in reality, there are some important differences that you need to learn about to make your decision. If you are currently job hunting, look no further than the latest Account Director Jobs in London offered by DNA Recruit.

The path that you follow the moment you graduate from University isn't going to matter so much, but when you want to start building your career, it does matter because this choice is going to affect where you go. You want to remain somewhere long-term, and while you'll be in the same marketing or branding sector, swapping between in-house work and agency work isn't as seamless as you'd think. Let's take a look at the differences.


The most significant difference in working for a company directly in-house is that you will be devoted to just that company. They will have your full attention while managing their marketing strategies and your work will be focused on one sector. Their clients will be your clients, and you'll work on those accounts in a way that enables you to hone your experience to something very specialised. You'll still be managing budgets and a part of driving decisions about the role you are in.


Working in an agency gives you a broader experience. You'll work across a much more extensive range of projects, and these can span different industries, too. You won't be working for a niche client for one company, but a plethora of clients. This experience can give you a much bigger experience in marketing and advertising because an outside company employs the agency. The hours are usually longer for an agency not to mention the expectation, but the level of exposure that you'll get to different budgets and campaigns can gain you more experience than you think.

How You Can Decide

A big part of the decision between whether you go for an in-house role or agency is in your personality. Some people prefer to work across a large group of clients while others like to focus their skills on just one area. Those who enjoy the demand of many challenges will find managing a variety of projects to be fulfilling. The faster pace and versatility of clients in an agency would be for that type of person, especially those who want to work with a diverse range of clients; it can open doors for your experience. It's also much easier to stay up to date with technology and trends in an agency environment, as you'll work alongside people with diverse backgrounds and a creative mindset!

Working in-house can see you working shorter hours sometimes, and the role is more structured with a focused network of support for the few clients you have in the same industry. Your role matters in an in-house setting as you are a big part of the business structure. This means that you will be appreciated differently.


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