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Digital Account Director- brand side Greater London £50K - £60K
Client Services Director City of London £80K - £90K
New Business Manager City of London £40K - £50K
Account Manager City of London £30K - £40K
Resourcer Greater London £15K - £20K
Senior Account Manager City of London £40K - £50K
Production Manager City of London £50K - £60K
Senior Project Manager (SCRUM Master) Greater London £300 - £500 per day
New Business Executive City of London £20K - £30K
Senior Project Manager (Social & CRM) Greater London £300 - £500 per day

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“It has always been a pleasure to work with DNA both as a client and a peer. DNA is considerably more than an average recruiting consultancy.

They are headhunters with a distinctive ability to spot opportunities and connect the right talent with the business. Ali and his team are incredible judges of character, highly committed, insightful, considerate and knowledgeable. DNA will put you forward if you are the right fit for the role and will guide you through the recruiting process from A-Z.”

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“When I signed up with DNA 5-6 years ago, I was expecting to receive the same mediocre treatment that is a common practise within the recruitment sector. However Ali and the rest of the team @DNA went to huge lengths to meet my specific requirements for my new role. From the initial meeting, to the interviews, they provided every aspect of support, interview tips & encouragement, to quick follow up with the employer and feedback to me. Thanks to DNA I got my job @Mercieca Ltd nearly 5 years ago and I never looked back.

And needless to say, DNA have been supporting Mercieca Ltd recruitment needs for many years now. They have provided us with sound and consistent recruitment solutions for our Advertising and PR Personnel. Their approach has always been to understand the exact needs of our business to ensure the calibre of candidates presented reflects their professional yet flexible service. I highly recommend the services of DNA.”

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Need some extra cash?
Summer is fast approaching and it's always nice to have a bit of extra cash for holidays, so here's our reminder of how you can get some. The DNA referral scheme is a great way to earn yourself £250 - and you can do it more than once. All you have do is put us in touch with any friends or colleagues that you know are looking for a new role. If we place them, we reward you with £250 - once they have completed their probation period.  There is still a very real shortage of top quality candidates at the moment and we have loads of great opportunities just waiting to be filled. So anyone who is considering a move has plenty to choose from. We have many clients who are looking to act very swiftly, so you and or your friends could be in a new, dream job sooner than you think.  With our scheme there is no limit to the number of times we pay out, so if you recommend several people to us, and they are all successful, you could enjoy a nice little boost to your bank account this summer. For more information about our referral incentives, or to discuss your career aspirations for 2015 - just give any of our consultants a call. All are ready, willing and able to answer any questions.  ...
Keeping Motivated When Job Hunting
Keeping Motivated When Job Hunting You've decided it's time to move on. You've started looking to see what's out there. You've met some recruiters and been to some interviews but it hasn't quite happened yet. It's very easy to feel like giving up - but don't. If you don't stay in the game you definitely can't win can you? We've all been there and know how frustrating it can be, so we've pulled together some useful advice that we hope will help you stay motivated.Be realisticWhile you may have a perfect job and dream salary in mind, it pays to be realistic with your search and salary expectations. Few people will land a new job within a week so give yourself a realistic action plan with goals and achievements to hit and keep you motivated. Be prepared to adjust it if necessary and bear in mind that it could take months to find your new role, so try not to be too hard on yourself.Every little step is progressIf you're going to land a new job, you'll need to devote some time to it. This doesn't necessarily mean sitting in front of a computer screen looking through vacancy ads for eight hours a day and feeling depressed; make sure you complete at least one positive action each day, no matter how small, to keep your momentum going. Even something simple like making a phone call and checking in with your recruiter or reconnecting with your ...
What's new on our site?
What's new on our site? Our new website has been live a few weeks now and we've had some very positive feedback. Our new branding has gone down well and the functionality of the site is a massive step forward.Just in case you've not yet had time to have a play with with - here's some of the key features and benefits we wanted to bring your attention to.Mobile and Tablet friendlyWe worked very closely with the design team to ensure that we created the best experience possible on mobile and tablet. When you're searching for a new role or just browsing, it's unlikely you'll be doing it at work. So we thought hard about about how to keep it simple for those times when you're on the move.The mobile experience is the simplest of all with a very easy to use menu getting you straight to the page you want in the minimum number of steps. The tablet version is also simple but with a bit more of the detail from the full site. So next time you're on your way to an interview and need to get in touch with a consultant in an emergency - head straight to our mobile site and hit 'contact us' and the phone number and you will get right through.Easy navigationIn this age of 'tech attention deficit' we're all accustomed to and, some say, addicted to finding what we want on a website in an instant. Who has time to puzzle out how a site works? So this was also a big motive for us to create the new site. We think we have now have a site that is easy and a pleasure to navigate.Simple CV uploadIf you're going to apply for a job you need to be able to get your CV over as simply and quickly as possible. We need them as much as you need to send them, so this was also crucial for us to improve.Tips for candidates and clientsWe like to give advice face to face but we also like to have share our expertise and opinion, so have created some pages that we think will be of interest and use to our clients and candidates.Social mediaNow we have a great new site we can share ...
Why Choose DNA
Why Choose DNA Why Choose DNA? We know finding new talent to help advance your business it isn't always straightforward. In fact, it can be a time-consuming and expensive process that can be made even more frustrating and costly if the candidates you meet aren’t a good match for the role you’re looking to fill. Finding the right talent Often, talent that ticks all the boxes on paper can be very different in person, which is why we look beyond lists of qualifications when finding the right candidate for you. Our consultants are experts in client services, planning, and digital markets and we know that matching our clients with the right talent is more than just putting forward large volumes of potential candidates that fulfil only some of your brief. Instead, we believe that recommending a meticulously chosen few, who we know have the right skills and attitude is far more beneficial to you – and is better service. This is why we rigorously interview all our candidates, on the phone and then face to face. We also carry out competency and psychometric assessments (should you require them). We always go the extra mile to form long-term relationships with candidates to find out what makes them tick. The more we discover about their ambitions and ability, the better we are at directing them to the most appropriate opportunity. Understanding your needs We also take the time to understand your needs and the direction you are planning to take your business. Even with challenging niche roles, our focus is to source the highest calibre candidates that have the potential to be a very successful addition to your team. A tailored service At DNA we offer more than just sourcing talent, we also offer a number of other consultancy services. This includes commercial advice when you are restructuring teams or planning to make strategic hires, or helping to coach individuals to become more productive and unlock their potential. That way they can ...

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