Keep motivated whilst job hunting

Sometimes a new job is just around the corner, and sometimes you might find yourself checking your watch and tapping your feet wondering why it hasn't turned up yet.  Searching for a new career isn't easy, so you need to know how to deal with the knock-backs, stay positive and spend your time productively before the right opportunity turns up.  Get over that motivational hurdle with these tips.

1. Keep it in perspective!

While you may have a perfect job and dream salary in mind, it pays to be realistic with your expectations.  Few people will land a new job within a week so give yourself a realistic action plan with goals and achievements to hit.  Be prepared to adjust as it could take some time to find your new role.  A 'no' from a recruiter or potential role isn't the end - stay postive and readjust your plan of action.

1. Have a plan

2. Set targets.

If you're going to land a new job, you'll need to devote some time to it.  This doesn't mean sitting in front of a screen looking through job ads for eight hours a day and feeling depressed.

Daily or weekly targets are best and easy to track.  For example, I'm going to build relationships with ten influencers or call five recruiters today - are actions that can all be accomplished over social media, email or just by picking up phone!

3. Write your goals down.

It works for the Boy Scouts and it can work for you too. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities and be primed for an interview at any time – not just with a top-notch CV and "elevator pitch" to deliver a confident and polished first-impression, but with smart clothes and shoes ready to go at a moment's notice.

4. Subscribe to industry news.

Sounds obvious but that's because it is; just because you may not be working or you're looking to change roles, doesn't mean you shouldn't keep up to date with the latest happenings in your industry.  Follow industry blogs, tweets, news channels and insta accounts to stay current.

Use your time to learn new information, after all knowledge is power and it's something that will set you apart when it comes time to interview.

4. Get industry specific

5. Ask for constructive criticism.

Look around you, your friends and family will be your biggest fans and often your most helpful critics.  A supportive former co-worker or a friendly recruiter could be just the ticket to finding out how you could improve your skills, talents or CV.

If you're feeling stuck - just ask.   We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge. We can offer invaluable insights and above all, we want you to succeed, so don’t hesitate to get in touch – no matter what the query.

6. Take days off!

Spending all day, every day, searching for your next move isn't the most exciting thing in the world so ensure you still enjoy your life.  If you've had a productive day, reward yourself – be it a coffee with friends, a pint down the local, a visit to the gym or something else to treat yourself for persevering.

Taking some time out will help keep you motivated and hopefully reduce some stress too.

7. Smile - be kind to yourself.

Why bother? What's the point? I'll never get that job, what a waste of time.

Thoughts such as the above naturally creep into our thoughts when we feel like we're struggling.  But this sort of thinking will only make you feel more unmotivated - so stop! Be kind to yourself because your value doesn't decrease when someone else fails to see it - stay postive!