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Industry sector: Creative
The position: Executive Creative Director
The location: London

The Background
Our client required an Executive Director to join them in their integrated creative agency.

The role was needed due to an internal restructuring of the organisation. It would involve a high level of creativity in order to direct the organisation, ensuring the production of innovative and effective work.  

The Challenge
Our Consultant discussed the role with Ali Wallace, Managing Director, to devise an idea of what candidate qualities would best fit the position.

Experience and a background in creative direction and design was a mandatory requirement. We also wanted to find a candidate with big picture thinking, a mind for technology, integration and collaboration.They also needed to be innovative and effective in order to connect brands and consumers.

We were aware that sourcing candidates would pose difficulties as the role involved dealing with restricted products. Therefore, awareness of the issues surrounding legal restrictions on advertising within the UK and Europe was essential.  

The Solution
The team put together a detailed brief on the skills required from the ideal candidate. It was agreed that networking from our extensive pool of candidates would be the best way to source the right candidate for this role.

DNA work as a close team and share joint knowledge - We all have strong contacts within the sector and are always making dynamic new alliances. This gives us a unique pool of talent and we are confident that this is the method to attract the best talent.

The Outcome
One candidate from our network stood out to us, he knew the client’s brand and had the right expertise in creative direction to suit them.

We conducted two interviews and he was a cut above the rest. Within three weeks from the initial commission, we proudly delivered this candidate to our client who was very happy with our choice, as well as our fast and professional response to the challenges faced.

The candidate is yet to start in their new role but since placing them our consultant has been in contact with them to ensure everything is going as planned.

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