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DNA Secures Digital Account Director for an Integrated Communications Agency

Old Job Title: Account Executive

New Job Title: Digital Account Director

Sector: Integrated Communications Agency

Client Location: Camden

Consultant Name: Leila Denison-Pender


Our client were looking for a Digital Account Director to join their team. They required someone with one to two years’ experience, who had client exposure,  experience with websites and skills in liaising with various internal and external teams. Given that the client was part of a global multinational media company, they are in principle, supposed to use internal group resources for recruitment. However, the client had been in touch with the relevant person internally, but had not received any CVs for over two weeks.

Unsatisfied with the lack of the applications, the client contacted DNA directly.  The budget was very limited and they were in a hurry to find someone, as they were busy starting new projects.


To begin, DNA developed a detailed understanding of the role and candidate required. The search process began with a look through the database, with relevant candidates being contacted. The role was also immediately advertised on Campaign.

As the client’s budget was limited, candidates had to be approached differently. Those who worked outside of the city were contacted - as they were likely to be on a lower salary for the same role. The candidates in this case came from our job advert that was placed on Campaign.

Three candidates were put forward for this role and two of them were then selected for an interview. Leila met with one of the candidates face-to-face to thoroughly brief them on the role and the agency, prior to the interview. Before Leila could meet the second candidate the first candidate was offered the role, so the other interviews were cancelled.


The first stage of the interview process involved a Skype interview with the Head of Digital Strategy, whilst he was on holidays in the US. A second face-to-face interview was then set up. After this, the chosen candidate was called in for a second meeting, a few days later, to meet the rest of the team. Following the second meeting, the candidate was offered the position, which they accepted immediately.  

Candidate testimonial

 “Leila really provided a professional and tailored recruitment service who really understood and listened to my role requirements. Unlike other recruiters, Leila stuck it out for the long haul and presented a number of great roles until I found the perfect fit. Finding a recruiter who takes the time to understand you is both invaluable and time-saving. I will have no hesitation in recommending Leila and the greater DNA team to my fellow marketers!'

Consultant testimonial

Since I first spoke to the candidate, I was determined to find them the right role in the right agency and help them move to London, from Manchester. I believed in their talent, skills and I thought they had the right attitude. They were open minded and eager to learn, yet aware of their skills set and what they wanted to do. When the client mentioned the Digital Account Director role that needed to be filled I immediately thought of the candidate, first because of their experience/skills but also to a large extent because I thought there could be a great fit personally/cultural wise. I could imagine him working there and with that team.”