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The Significance of Freelance Talent in Marketing, Advertising, and Creative Industries

​Freelance talent plays a pivotal role in the dynamic realms of marketing, advertising, and creative industries. As an established recruitment business, we have been privileged to collaborate with ...

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Taking a new career opportunity, but been counter-offered? Here’s some advice!

Let’s imagine you’ve completed the typical to-do list when changing jobs:✅ Started the job search✅ Updated your CV✅ Saved the roles most suitable to you✅ Sent a stellar application✅ Interviewed r...

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How to speed up your hiring processes and secure top talent quickly

​Any hiring manager understands the urgency of moving quickly when it comes to hiring.The average hire takes about 43 days from job posting to signing the contract. Time and speed are of the essenc...

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DNA appointments Strategic Advisor - Farooq Mohammed

With 2022 upon us, DNA has continued its ambitious global expansion plans into the new year. Kicking off with the appointment of a new Strategic Advisor - Farooq Mohammed.Farooq joins the company w...

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